Programme 2023

Free, Professional and Premium member events for the year ahead

We are excited to present our 2023 programme listed here - please join as a Free Member to be kept informed of upcoming free events by email and receive discounts on online courses 

Links are added to the homepage before the free events and recordings links are added after the live free event 

Premium and Professional exclusive events are notified personally by email one week before the event - please find out about memberships here  - and Professional and Premium courses and event recordings are added to the membership areas after the live events

All webinars are on a Tuesday at 6PM UK time 19.00 CEST Free webinars or donation funded events are in green 


3/1/23 Vision 2023: Free event  - recording in members area 

17/1/23 Vision Professional: create your dream Shiatsu practice - Professional and Premium event  - recording in the Pro and Premium Members are

17/1/23 Professional Shiatsu Development seminar - Professional and Premium event

24/1/23 Small Group Tutorial - Pro and Premium event 

31/1/23 Guest Webinar:  the European Shiatsu Congress partnership Free event register here


7/2/23 - 7/3/23  Five week course: Shiatsu and the Climate Emergency: Free introductory webinar - register here 


14/3/23 The Human Potential with Gabriella Poli, Nicola Ley and Brigitte Ladwig partnered with the Berlin Human Potential Symposium 

21/3//23 Guest webinar Cindy Engel Somatic Empathy Free event 

28/3/23 Small group tutorial session - Premium event


From 4/4/23 to 25/4/23 

International Shiatsu Congress Online USA this years international congress over 4 Tuesdays in April - free funded by donations with Winter Jade Forest, Michael D'Agra and other presenters TBC


2/5/23 Professional Shiatsu Development: Professional and Premium event

9/5/23 Guest Webinar Chris McAlister Free event 

16/5/23 Small group tutorial session - Premium event 

23/5/23 - 20/6/23  Five week course: Treating clients with chronic disease - Free introductory webinar 


27/6/23  Professional Shiatsu Development: Professional and Premium event


4/7/23 Guest webinar TBC 

11/7/23 Small group tutorial session - Premium event 

July - August 

23/7/23 - 22/8/23 Shiatsu Summer School partnered with ESC Kiental featuring guest presenters from this year's European Shiatsu Congress Free funded by donations 


5/9/23 Guest webinar Philippe Vandenabeele Free event 

19/9/23 Five week course: Ampuku and Hara featuring guest Philippe Vandenabeele 


24/10/23 Professional Shiatsu Development seminar - Professional and Premium event 31/10/23 Guest webinar TBC 

31/10/23 Guest Webinar TBC Free event 


7/11/23 Small group tutorial session - Premium event 

14/11/23 - 12/12/23 Five week course: Advanced Shiatsu Treatment Free introductory webinar 


Advanced Shiatsu Treatment course continues + Winter Break 19 + 26 /12/23