I have a problem connecting to the Webinar - please help!?

Check your system and regain your Zen like calm when you find out how to get a great connection

Webinar trouble shooting

A list of ways to make your webinar experience as smooth as possible

  • Check your system with the button above

  • Make sure no one (especially teenagers or adults streaming games) are not sharing your wi fi - it's your turn to be the priority - get them off the internet until the webinar ends!

  • Get near to your router (that the little flashing box thing that supplies your internet) cuddle up!


  • What is the New Energy Work project?

    New Energy Work is an online resource for Shiatsu and related forms of energy work. It has over 300 hours of CPD/CE courses online and runs regular live Webinars and online courses

  • How can I get to my Free content?

    It's easy. Just create a 'Free Membership' by clicking on the Membership Menu above. You will need to create a Sign In - that's just an email and a password. You will then use this Sign In to access your Dashboard each time you visit the site

  • Is everything free on New Energy Work?

    We continue to support the worldwide Shiatsu community with our Free Membership. This is funded by by our subscribing Professional and Premium Members and by donations for some special events. Professional and Premium subscribers have access to lots of extra benefits such as a much wider range of online courses - with CPD / CE credits - and also special events such as 'Tutorial Tuesdays' and 'Ask the Experts'

  • What is it like to study online?

    Our members love their online study with us - it's amazingly effective! We use lots of practical and energy exercises - via video and audio - to let you actively experience and engage with both theory and practice. We also deliver weekly live video webinars every Tuesday at 6PM UK time 19.00 CET

  • I missed a Webinar - where can I find the recording?

    Webinar recordings can be found in your Free Membership. Extra resources and CPD/CE points can be accessed in the Professional and Premium Memberships. Please allow us some time to process and edit the videos. You can also access the recordings on the webinar system - if you register for a course we automatically send you a link

Teachers and Schools Webinar Recordings

Please find all the past Webinars for Teachers and Schools here


  • Where do I find my Certificates?

    Once you've completed a course you'll see a button at the top left corner of the screen - click to open and save your certificate. You can access all your certificates - from all of your completed courses - if you go to top right of screen and choose 'My Account'. On the left side you'll find a mini-menu and below 'Password' is 'Certificates' - there you'll find them all!

  • How can I change my Subscription and Payment methods?

    You have total control of your subscription and your payments! It's all on your Dashboard - just Sign in, click on your Avatar (that's your little picture at top right), choose 'My Account' then 'Billing'. You'll see that you can change your subscription or payment method there

  • Does my National Organisation accept my New Energy Work CPD/CE credits?

    Currently, we have students successfully using newenergywork.com CPD/CE credits in the UK, Australia Switzerland and many other countries. If you live in a country that has not done so yet please lobby your national organisation to recognise your online work! We're happy to support you with this

  • Can I access the multi-language webinars for Teachers & Schools and Practitioners - helping us take our work online?

    Please see the FAQs section above under 'I've missed a Webinar - how do I access the Recording?'. You can go to the webinar recordings for Teachers & Schools and for Practitioners. You'll find a table of contents with all the recordings - including multi-language support - and other resources there for you

  • I need some help with my practice or my online teaching

    Please just click the link below for the Community Support Forums This takes you to our online community where you can exchange with the NEW team, with teachers and with your peers - you'll find a group of experienced and super helpful people happy to support you!

Community Support Forums

Please join our peer support forums at our online Community