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Joyce Vlaarkamp

Wandering in the inner landscape

Live Webinar December 10th 20.20 CET

In our shiatsu trade we work with the inner landscape as opposed to Western medicine who work with the outer body. The beautiful thing about it, it is always abundant and complete. Naturally, there are phases of yin and yang, waxing and waning with the seasons and life in general. . If we are looking for a stable but flexible adaptive way to maintain our utmost ki, shiatsu is one of the most beautiful approaches I can think of.


Gill Hall

Empower your practice by enhancing your metaskills

November 12th 20.20 CET

As we learn Shiatsu, we borrow knowledge and skillsets from masters, study complex philosophy from texts and partake in a very experiential learning process. We also bring our own personal metaskills to this body of wisdom. These skills are already part of us,  and are what makes each of us practise a very unique Shiatsu, and are not always valued as much as they could be.