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Recordings of our weekly resource for Shiatsu Teachers and Heads of Schools

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Course curriculum

    1. Table of Contents and Themes

    1. Webinar 1: Supporting clients online and remotely

    2. Webinar 2: Distance Shiatsu Treatment

    3. Webinar 3: Self Shiatsu for clients

    4. Webinar 4: Shiatsu support classes for clients

    5. Webinar 5: Review with Q & A

    6. Webinar 6: Wie stellen wir unsere Shiatsu-Behandlungen und unsere Lehrtätigkeit auf online um (German translation)

    7. Webinar 7: Come portare i vostri Trattamenti Shiatsu e il vostro Insegnamento on line (Italian translation)

    8. Webinar 8: Tratamientos de Shiatsu y enseñanza online (Spanish translation)

    1. Dean Radin book on Distance healing and connection

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