• What is the New Energy Work project?

    New Energy Work is an online resource for Shiatsu and Energy Work. It has over 300 hours of CPD/CE courses online and runs regular live Webinars and online courses.

  • How can I get to my free content?

    It's easy. Just create a Free Membership by clicking on the Membership Menu above. You will need to create a Sign In - an email and password that you will use to access your dashboard each time you visit your Membership.

  • Is everything Free on New Energy Work?

    We are continuing to support the world-wide Shiatsu community with our Free Membership which is funded by donations. If you would like to become a subscribing member we offer Professional and Premium subscription Memberships. Find out more about the Membership benefits by clicking the Membership menu button above.

  • "What is it like to study online?"

    Our members love their online study with us! We use video, and audio energy exercises to let you experience the theory and practice of each Course and Observed Treatment Seminar.

  • "Do I need any technical skills to join the online learning?"

    If you have watched a youtube video or posted on Facebook or any other forum then you have all the skills you need. To join in you just need to be able to create an account with newenergywork.com and remember your password. If you have any problems at all we are here to help.

  • I missed a webinar - where can I find the recording?

    Webinar recordings can be found in your Free Membership. Extra resources and CPD/CE points can be accessed in the Professional and Premium Memberships.

  • I have problems with the webinars- my screen goes blank or the video or audio drops out

    Simply logging out and re-joining the live webinar, generally fixes any visual or audio problems. Please see our webinar checklist below for hints on making your webinar experience as smooth as possible

Webinar trouble shooting

A list of ways to make your webinar experience as smooth as possible

  • Make sure you check your systems requirement link sent to you upon registration from Demio

  • Restart your computer before the webinar and make sure that no one else or any other device is sharing your connection! e.g. other phones, tablet or computers in your household

  • If you are still having problems get nearer to your router or use an ethernet cable

Practitioner Webinar Recordings

Please find all the past Practitioner webinars here - including multi language support and extra resources

Teachers and Schools Webinar Recordings

Please find all the past Webinars for Teachers and Schools here


  • How is newenergywork.com funded?

    New Energy Work is funded 100% by donations for one-off events and by our members who donate regularly.

  • Where do the donations go?

    The donations we receive go firstly to pay the platforms, which are needed to keep the New Energy Work project running. If any funds remain we are then able to help members of the team - all members are paid the same rate.

  • Where do I find my certificates?

    Once you've completed a course, on the top left corner of the course there is a button, view the certificate, click to open, and save your certificate. You can also access all your certificates, from all the completed courses via your account, top right, under 'My Account'. On the left-hand side is a mini-menu, second down underneath 'Password' is 'Certificates'. Here you will find all your certificates!

  • How can I change my subscription and my payment methods?

    You can control your subscription and your payment methods from your dashboard. Sign in to newenergywork.com, click on your Avatar (that is your picture in the top right) go to 'My Account' then 'Billing' and you will find you can control your account here.

  • Does my National Organisation accept my New Energy Work CPD/CE credits?

    Currently, we have students successfully using newenergywork.com CPD/CE credits in the UK, Australia, and Switzerland - and in many other countries. If you live in a country that has not done so yet please lobby your national organisation to recognise your online work.

  • Can I access the multi-language webinars for Teachers and Schools and Practitioners - helping us take our work online?

    Please see above, Access Recording, to take you to the webinar recordings for Teachers and Schools and for Practitioners. We have created an online resource with a table of contents, all the recordings including multi-language support, and other resources for you.

  • I need some help with my practice or teaching online

    Please click the link below, Community Support Forum, to join our online community and get support from teachers and your peers

Community Support Forums

Please join our peer support forums at our online Community