Programme Jan- Feb 2022

Webinars on Tuesdays 6PM UK Time 19h00 CEST


NEW Advanced Quantum Shiatsu Webinar Series - starts Tuesday 18th January 6PM UK time 19h00 CET


This is an opportunity to experience some of the techniques developed by Pauline Sasaki as part of her Advanced Quantum Shiatsu work.

During the course we will explore:
Week 1  
  • The Essence of Practice
  • Between Heaven and Earth 
  • Light Channels 
  • The Stars - Earth Star and Soul Star
Week 2
  • The Three Bodies - Activation 
  • The Grid vs Spirals 
  • DNA activation 
Week 3 
  • Sacred Geometry 
  • The Flower of Life 
  • The 9 Dimensions 

Nicola Ley and Gabriella Poli are two international teachers that are close to Pauline's later work - and they are able to give a unique insight into the most advanced techniques developed by Pauline in the final years of her life.