Programme April 2022

Webinars on Tuesdays 6PM UK Time 19h00 CEST

Treating the back with Advanced Shiatsu techniques and TCM


In this 3 weekly webinar course we will be developing our diagnostic, theoretical and practical skills in treating the back. Drawing on material from the Foundations of Advanced Shiatsu Energy Work, The Vibrational Levels course , and the online Treating the Back course on New Energy Work we will be exploring:

How to diagnose back issues with Shiatsu and TCM diagnosis
Diagnosing the vibrational levels
TCM theory and the back
Advanced techniques for treating the back
The use of points and point actions in back treatments

There are 3 sessions that you can book - each is a stand-alone workshop and all 3 comprise a complete approach to treating the back:
Week 1 - The Lower Burner 12th April
Week 2  -The Middle Burner 19th April
Week 3 - The Upper Burner 26th April

This webinar series will be based around a tutorial setting with members of the team demonstrating diagnostic and treatment techniques. Resources from online courses will be used to create opportunities for further study