Programme October- November 2021

Webinars on Tuesdays 6PM UK Time 19h00 CEST


In this 5 Webinar series and online course we will be exploring with Malika Meddings and Cliff Andrews  how,  as Shiatsu practitioners, we can become confident in the the theory and practice of treating Long Covid


Week 1 October 5th Long Covid Diagnosis and Treatment in Shiatsu and TCM
This webinar will give an overview of how Long Covid can been treated with Shiatsu and TCM. We will be exploring how it affects the Ki system, and key treatment strategies.

Week 2 October 12th The Upper Burner
Covid enters the body via the Lungs and the Gastro Intestinal tract. We will be exploring key symptoms and treatments for the Upper Burner, and looking at important techniques and points.

Week 3 October 19th The Middle Burner
Damp is a significant pathology in Long Covid - we will be looking at we can treat  common imbalances in the Middle Burner in Long Covid with Shiatsu

Week 4 October 26th The Lower Burner
Treating the Lower Burner in Long Covid can be relevant at several stages of recovery - we explore how and why

Week 5 November 2nd Case Studies and Treatment Protocols
In the final week of this 5 week series we will be studying some case histories and discussing common treatment protocols